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Runaway by Soulstripper
This is to those whose relationships with their parents haven't been and never will be alright. Blood isn't everything. Don't apologize for having to run away.
Caught (The Bluebird Blues) by Soulstripper
Caught (The Bluebird Blues)
It's the hardest thing I've ever had to prove
You turned to salt as I turned around to look at you
Old friends have said, the books I've read
Say it's the thing to do
But it's hard to see it when you're in it
Cause I went blind for you
Then you leave my head and crawl out of bed
Subconscious solipsist
And for those hours deep in the dark
Perhaps you don't exist

But I'm caught
I forget all that I've been taught
I can't keep calm, I can't keep still
Pulled apart against my will

...I might as well paste the entire lyrics. Painting inspired by Florence and the Machine, "Caught", from the album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful - as well as fever and a shitload of emotions. I'll leave it to my future therapist to interpret.
After many years of battling them, I finally came to terms with my childhood traumas and put them in one picture. Yes, I know; my mind is a terrible place. Then again, art is honesty, right?

In my youth, I always felt like I was trained rather than raised, and there seemed to be a little wild thing in me that didn't quite understand what it was it was being punished for. Oddly enough, despite the training, it grew stronger as the years passed. And, oddly enough, it still hasn't been tamed; its will still hasn't been broken.

Don't let anybody tame you. 

Too Late
It's too late to fix our childhood traumas. And it's too late to turn back.

Another sketch to make you wonder what you did to deserve to witness all this perversion. The answer is: I've been reading way too much Freud lately. My apologies. Anyway, yet another piece on the two irreversibly damaged individuals theme, or, as I call it, "I'm so glad your parents f---ed you up". On the bright side, though, to Freud's  delight, at least we're not afraid of clocks anymore ;P
Sublimate by Soulstripper
Sometimes disease is the most painless solution. Or something.

I was inspired to draw this after dreaming of drawing it, and after reading about 400 pages of Freud. So those unfamiliar with his work will not see any sense in it (not that I do). Still, in a nutshell, this is the Libido. He's a (hipster/trickster/psycho/motherf*cker/all of the above). And he doesn't care about censorship. Oh, and that's the SuperEgo in the shadows, and she's not even putting up a fight. 

Also, the title "Sublimate" was short for "sublimated mate."

I didn't censor this deviation for Freudian reasons. Now I'll just wait to get complaints.


The Warg Witch
Hey guys,

Once again in university so I've been unable to upload anything, but I'll be more active once I get back home. Until then, the good news is: I've started - at last - writing again! And this time I'm truly excited with the story as it will have nothing within it for me to feel embarrassed by. Here's an improvised resume of (working title) "The Bird Whisperer":

Milford "Milo" Swaggers is an unusual girl - um, boy (there was some debate after the birth) who is unusual in the fact that he is not as good at being unusual as the other unusual kids. Technically, he lives in the Alterlands where witchcraft is vital, and he just doesn't seem to fit in. While others summon demons, he runs around and causes trouble. While others raise ancient spirits from the dead, he's busy smoothing his hair or spitting in the teacher's drink. While others ride dragons, he... um... talks to birds.

Which is why his parents decide to send him to the best correctional facility in Crow Valley, one of the darkest and most dangerous places in the British Alterlands. There, his life will most certainly change. Perhaps so much that he would eventually decide to end it.

But no member of the Swaggers family just dies of common suicide. Milo Swaggers needs to find a way to get out of all the messes he's made since the very beginning of his life.

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