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DM - Dark Glamour by Soulstripper
DM - Dark Glamour
It's not true that the Malfoys can't handle criticism. To them, all criticism is constructive criticism. They thrive on haters like flowers thrive on sunlight. 

Here's my interpretation of JK Rowling's latest pre-Christmas Pottermore writing about Draco Malfoy.… Obviously, the purpose of the Pottermore article was to make fans see sense and go back to disliking him. But, for some reason, I'm still stuck on the part where it says he's got dark glamour. :happybounce: 

Now, this comic strip was made for entertainment purposes only, so don't get too offended by it. I know JKR is the Queen and all, no doubt about it, but being a true Slytherin, I just couldn't help it. You've got to admire the effort she makes trying to convince fangirls everywhere that they should not be swooning over Draco Malfoy by "pouring cold common sense" over them. Good luck, Jo. Try a cold shower, it might work better. 

Here's the part where I'm supposed to say Draco Malfoy belongs to JK Rowling. Poor Draco. Poor Rowling.  

P.S. Draco's face in the second panel, it's a reference alright. "Writing? I didn't know you could write."


SM - The Gender Games by Soulstripper
SM - The Gender Games
A bit of a next generation HP taste. So, imagine the Malfoys (that is, Scorpius' parents) getting acquainted with The Hunger Games. Like, for an inexplicable reason. Clearly, Scorpius is not amused by the names of Suzanne Collins' characters that are even weirder than the ones in the wizarding world. 

Now, there's a lot of hate out there for Astoria Greengrass, Draco's legit wife, and I totally support that because Draco didn't deserve to end up with a random woman. Furthermore, many would argue this picture would make more sense if it was a Dramione comic strip. But, strictly speaking, whoever Malfoy's wife is, does it matter? Scorpius' one certain parent is Draco, meaning that the kid is definitely going to have one freaky upbringing. I mean, just imagine Draco and parenting put together. Yes, I smell a series coming up.
Scorpius Malfoy belongs to JKR. Draco Malfoy... well, whoever he belongs to apart from her, let's pray it's not Astoria Greengrass. 

P.S. The characters are fictional but the dialogue is based on a true story. 
Old School by Soulstripper
Old School
My art contest entry for the amazing people behind Snape and the Marauders film project:
Wishing them all the best of luck in their endeavor!

Feeling pleasantly nostalgic about drawing the Marauders and Snape again after all these years. I believe a "from left to right" description is unnecessary. Remus here sports a hippie style, Lily somewhat reminds me of the Little Mermaid, and Sirius ironically resembles Ian Somerhalder... but the good news is, Snape seems to look like Snape. Curious how the rest take time and thought to draw, but Snape just happens to the picture whether you ask for it or not.     
Untamed by Soulstripper
"I'm not the girl in the story that gets eaten by the wolf. 

Just so you know, I am the wolf."

And just so you know, I don't Photoshop my photos all that much. They just go through a filter and the basic removal of furniture from the background. Although, in this case, the peculiar slimy thing I used as blood *had* to go redder, because it was originally pink. The rest is lipstick.

Many thanks to the lovely person who convinced me to get this dress and feel confident in it. And coincidentally taught me to respect myself and take no s**t from anyone. 
Hold your breath
We've conquered death
A million universes
Skin to skin
Meets deep within
And every doubt disperses

A thousand stars
Reflect our scars
In all their fragile grace
That soon or late
I know that fate
Will wipe without a trace

When yours and mine
Run out of time
We won't meet Death as friends
We'll stick as lovers
To each other
Until the very end

The words still fresh
Sink in our flesh
Though flesh cannot survive
Between the past
And what's to last
We still remain alive

It's in our meat
Our hands and feet
Know better than our heads
Our every cell
Contains a spell
We'll share until we're dead

Skin to skin
It's always been
It's written in our scars
So hold your breath
We've conquered death
Under a thousand stars  


The Warg Witch
Hey guys,

Once again in university so I've been unable to upload anything, but I'll be more active once I get back home. Until then, the good news is: I've started - at last - writing again! And this time I'm truly excited with the story as it will have nothing within it for me to feel embarrassed by. Here's an improvised resume of (working title) "The Bird Whisperer":

Milford "Milo" Swaggers is an unusual girl - um, boy (there was some debate after the birth) who is unusual in the fact that he is not as good at being unusual as the other unusual kids. Technically, he lives in the Alterlands where witchcraft is vital, and he just doesn't seem to fit in. While others summon demons, he runs around and causes trouble. While others raise ancient spirits from the dead, he's busy smoothing his hair or spitting in the teacher's drink. While others ride dragons, he... um... talks to birds.

Which is why his parents decide to send him to the best correctional facility in Crow Valley, one of the darkest and most dangerous places in the British Alterlands. There, his life will most certainly change. Perhaps so much that he would eventually decide to end it.

But no member of the Swaggers family just dies of common suicide. Milo Swaggers needs to find a way to get out of all the messes he's made since the very beginning of his life.

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